In five words explain your business….

Exclusively Designed Paper Art & Gifts


What’s your favourite design and technique and why? 

I love creating layered paper art, I begin with single colour pieces of card & paper which are pretty uninteresting and lifeless, as I layer the sections of the piece together the design emerges & comes to life. This process is incredibly satisfying.

Why did you want to become a card partner?

I’m a huge bargain hunter & a Derby mum. So, offering mums just like myself a discount off my range was a no brainer.

What is the biggest trend of 2019 for Curious Cuts Paper Art?

Positive mental health quotes have been a huge trend & seller this year. With more and more information being shared in the media, it has been a good time to create art, not only for beauty but to use as visual aids in the home.

When did you get your lightbulb moment in business? 

I would say as a creative business, I am continually having lightbulb moments. My first was early 2018 when I designed my light up star constellation range. This continues to be a huge seller for me.

If could give your 13 year old self a few wise words what would it be…. ? 

Enjoy the moments & let go of things you cannot control.

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Best, Sarah x