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Individual 2 You

What’s your favourite product line and why?

My favourite product to make is the range of scrabble frames that we have. Each frame is unique from the wording that the customer requests right down to the customers choice of background and color themes.

Why did I want to become a card partner?

I think the idea of a card for Derby mums is brilliant. I am part of a large network of small businesses around the UK so to be part of something that promotes local businesses to fellow mums is amazing.

What is the biggest trend of 2019 for you?

Our biggest seller of 2019 without a doubt has been our personalised water bottles. With a range of bottle colours, Name designs, and name colours they have been a big hit.

When did you get your lightbulb moment in business?

The business was first established in July 2018, before this I worked at Toyota Motor manufacturing within administration for 13 years. After a short illness and emergency surgery, we decided it was best out the family and myself if i looked at working from home. I had made items for our own children and for the house so I used this as a starting point to create a business that I love.

If could give your 13 year old self a few wise words what would it be…. ?

Having a daughter of almost 12, I would tell myself something along the lines of things that I tell her. Be yourself,  don’t worry about what other people think of you and believe in yourself.

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Best, Charlotte x