In five words explain your business

Swimming, Fun, Bonding, Independence & Safety

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What’s your favourite swimming skill to teach and why?

I always loved to teach jumping in, why…because it can be incredibly good fun, children who may be really nervous with other activities can often love jumping, it’s a great confidence builder & witnessing that 1st independent jump is an amazing feeling, jumping also gives the opportunity to practice personal survival skill, re-surfacing, turning & holding on, I love getting splashed so it’s a winner of an activity for me personally

Why did you want to become a card partner?

I want to connect with local Mums who may not be aware of our amazing swimming lessons & offer them a joining discount, plus it’s another opportunity for brand awareness

What is the biggest trend of 2019 for you?

There isn’t one, swimming never, ever goes out of fashion, for me & yes I know I am completely biased, if you only choose or can afford one activity to attend with your baby, toddler or child, it should be swimming, it’s literally the only activity that could one day save your little one’s life, our lessons aim is to ensure your child is confident, safe & swimming independently without any aids as early as possible, could this be any more on trend

When did you get your lightbulb moment in business?

Wow, there have been so many, we are 10 years in now, I Think for me, after securing pool time at The Royal Derby Hospital at the weekends in 2010, our numbers started to build quite suddenly & overnight it seemed through word of mouth & recommendations we were properly on the map, we have continued to grow from then solidly & now teach almost 1000 customers per week in 14 pools across Derbyshire & North West Leicestershire, this was my turning point & the time had come to recruit my 1st teacher so that I could step back from teaching & work on my business, rather than in it. Sadly we no longer teach at the Hospital.

If could give your 13 year old self a few wise words what would it be…. ?

Just be 13, enjoy it, the spots will all go eventually, the fact that you hated school & didn’t leave with loads of GCSE’s won’t hold you back one bit

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Cate x