In five words explain your business

Therapeutic, Calming, Rejuvenating, Relaxing and Nurturing


What’s your favourite therapy or treatment and why?

Reflexology is my favourite treatment as it works the whole body in a non-invasive way, inviting balance and deep relaxation. It can be done on the feet, hands or face. Many different enhancements can be applied to the regular session including lymphatic drainage, or hot stones through the feet. Using crystals or aromatherapy as well during treatment adds a bit of luxury, and these treatments make fabulous gifts for Christmas, birthdays or other celebrations. Reflexology never ceases to amaze me. I’ve seen people in states of acute stress and despair come for sessions every three weeks, and the difference between the first session and the fourth session is completely different, in terms of how they feel about themselves and even the look on their faces. People make such positive choices when they are able to take the time to just rest, and allow the body to balance. I feel it is a combination of the physical touch whilst not being too personal, which makes it ideal as a therapy. Only socks are removed for foot reflexology, and you can sit or lie down, you can stay in one position for the whole session and just switch off. You can use a pillow on the eyes to help them relax, unless using facial reflexology, you are wrapped in blankets unless it’s a hot day, so you’re cosy and nurtured from the beginning to the end. I stay in one place so clients are not distracted, and once I touch the feet, hands or face, I don’t let go until the end, so clients feel very safe and secure. People are very surprised that it is not at all ticklish, and more often than not after a first session, state that they wish they had found reflexology years ago. There is really nothing like it.

Why did you want to become a card partner?

I wanted to invite the people of Derby to experience my treatments. Giving a discount to Derby Mums means that more people are able to access the deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatments. Making time for self care is so important, as we cannot pour from an empty cup. As the people most likely to care for children and our future generations, it stands to reason that our children will also benefit from more relaxed parents and guardians. They can even learn some techniques to support their own babies and children on my baby reflexology parents course, which incorporates a little massage and yoga as well.

What is the biggest trend of 2019 for you?

As a treatment, facial reflexology is very hot right now. Combined with the therapeutic effect of crystals, reflexology stimulates the lymphatic system and reduces puffiness in the facial tissues so it becomes almost a facial but without using chemical products. Also natural oils and essential oils can be used, subject to consultation, to further enhance the calming effects on the nervous system and balances the body-mind. I would say 99% of clients fall asleep with this treatment, it’s truly beautiful.

When did you get your lightbulb moment in business?

I was training in Emotional Freedom Techniques, and we were tapping on the kind of clients we attract. It came up that most of us were working with people who expected us to tell them what was wrong and then heal them, also with the expectation of paying very little for it. Of course this is not something we do. We are not GPs, we do not diagnose. We are also not psychic, but if given enough information about a client it is possible to better support their wellbeing, and either recommend further sessions or refer them gently if necessary. As therapists, we are always very generous with our time but this has to be matched in an exchange with the client. When we learn to accept the energy of money, clients who actually want to improve their lives, and invest in that improvement, start to appear. All clients get the best out of complementary therapies when they make that consistent commitment to their own wellbeing. Of course some clients just want to have a treat, a pamper session is a lovely way to relax and let go after a stressful week. It is all good, however when people receive regular treatments they find they are much better able to deal with day to day stresses in the first place, due to the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. Kind of like topping yourself up in preparation so you’re ready for anything. If you have made time for yourself on a regular basis you are really respecting yourself, and others will naturally do so as well.

If could give your 13 year old self a few wise words what would it be…. ?

Enjoy what you do. Get support for your ideas and talk to a trusted friend or a mentor who really helps you to see your vision. Give, but be open and willing to receive as well. Don’t compromise on what you feel are your values, in order to please other people. There are plenty of obstacles in life but also there are many ways to achieve the same outcome. You can help the world be a better place, just keep doing what you love and you’ll never stop learning.

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Best, Caroline x