The Daisy Foundation really is something special.

Those who have discovered it and attended classes will tell you how true this is.

For many, their journey begins with Daisy Birthing Antenatal classes and ends with Daisy Baby Cruisers; this covers almost 25 months from 14 weeks pregnant through to baby’s 18 month milestone. Some might say it becomes a second family!

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And this is where the Daisy MAGIC lies. Their range of classes means that they can be there for you from antenatal classes to breastfeeding workshops, couples active birth workshops, and parent workshops, Daisy Baby Tinies classes to Daisy Baby Cruisers and milestone workshops. They pride themselves on their continuity of care, and once you’re in, you’re truly in! Many mums find their mum tribe through these classes, building that all-important community that’s so needed on your journey to motherhood.

Here’s a list of just SOME of the classes they offer:

  • Daisy Birthing – a unique 6-week course covering active antenatal education, yoga-based movements, breathing techniques, relaxation and a chance to meet other mums-to-be
  • Daisy Parent – a 12-hour workshop for mums-to-be and their birth partners, preparing them for birth, baby and beyond
  • Daisy Baby classes – from 6 weeks through to 18 months, these classes include baby yoga, baby reflexology and baby massage
  • Breastfeeding workshops
  • Active Birth workshops – a 4-hour workshop for mums-to-be and their birth partners, covering active birth education and massage

Don’t just take our (and their!) word for it either. Here’s just some of the amazing feedback they have received from mums in their classes:

‘Love attending Katie’s birthing classes. I started my first term at 19 weeks, currently on my second and plan to complete a third. The 6 weeks of education is so beneficial and the ladies you’ve gone through your first term with may attend again like in my experience , so you build a greater connection with other mums over a longer period of time if friendships are what you’re looking for too.’

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Overall happy I made the decision to attend classes and anyone that’s umming and ahhing about joining would find they wouldn’t look back if they went for it too. 

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You are certainly making my pregnancy so much more of a positive journey…thank you, thank you, thank you.’

And what’s even better? They have classes over the whole of Derbyshire including Derby, Hilton, Stenson, Woodville, Ilkeston, West Hallam, Ockbrook, Ripley, Heanor, Belper and Beeston.

To find that Daisy magic for yourself, head over to