Derby Mums met up with Aimie Chatfield, of East Midlands Director of Aim High Training and Development, who offer first aid courses for parents and carers of children. She is also a qualified Community First Responder.

We all want to keep our little ones safe, but would you know what to do, and be confident doing it, should a medical emergency arise?

Aimie passionately believes that we should all be able to answer ‘yes’ to that question, and her practical, accessible and potentially life-saving training courses enable her to spread this knowledge and confidence to parents across Derby and the local area.

Read on to find out why Aimie’s courses may be the best thing you’ll hopefully never need to use..


Name: Aimie Chatfield

Business: Aim High Training and Developmentaimie

Family: Fiance, Nathan – we’re getting married in July 2016 in Guernsey!

Top tip for something to do with friends or family for free or nearly nothing: You can’t beat the beautiful Derbyshire and Leicestershire countryside. Rutland water is a great place to take the bikes or just a romantic stroll.

Best way to relax after work is done for the day: If I’m not working out or seeing friends I do enjoy collapsing on the sofa and catching up on TV I’ve missed. Really enjoying Mistresses and Ray Donovan at the moment!

Guilty pleasure: I love all things to do with blood and gore so if I’m not watching one of the many emergency A&E type programmes I am out there providing medical cover at events around the UK. As well as teaching first aid I am also a trainee Emergency Medical Technician for a private medical company…..I love to be able to make a difference, even if it’s just a plaster someone needs!!!!

Your mantra for life: I have a couple……. Owning a business is a challenge everyday and I’ve learnt “you need to fail before you can succeed”…..and……my dad passed away 5 years ago completely out of the blue, so I have to believe that “everything happens for a reason”.


Firstly, tell us about Aim High Training and what you do – how, when and where did it all start?

My business partner, Bonnie and I started Aim High in 2007. I was a Swimming Pool Manager and Bonnie was working for Virgin Atlantic. We were both sick and tired of attending first aid courses that were dull, boring and confusing. We both had teaching and first aid back grounds and loved passing on our knowledge. We knew the industry well so we decided to give it a shot!!!

We raised the business in Hertfordshire, covering the local area and North London. In 2011 I moved to the Derby area to be closer to my family after losing my dad and opened our East Midlands office. We deliver a variety of first aid courses for a wide range of individuals from businesses and organisations to parents and kids. The courses can be as short as 2 hours or as long as 3 days, dependant on your individual or business needs.


Did you have experience in running your own business? What was the first thing you did to get started?

Although the swimming pool I managed was owned by the council I was in charge of all aspects of it, from budgets to sales to staff rotas and training. It gave me a good foundation for Aim High but nothing really prepares you when it’s your own business. Bonnie had completed courses in business before starting at Virgin so we broke into her loft and dusted off her books!!

To start off with we made sure our qualifications were the best we could have and associated ourselves with the leading first aid instructor training provider, Nuco Training Ltd. We completed our teaching qualifications (PTLLS and CTLLS) and made sure we had the relevant insurance.

Once all our qualifications and business insurance were sorted we then contacted the contacts we already had in the industry and it went from there.


What’s your advice for anyone who is starting, or thinking about starting their own business? Any mistakes you’ve made / top tips?!

Whatever your business does you need to make sure you have a true passion for it!!! Don’t get me wrong it’s amazing running your own business but if you don’t have passion or a belief in what you do / sell, your prospects will pick that up straight away.

Don’t try and do too much straight away, start small and build it up slowly. If it takes off then fantastic but make sure you have the resources to deal with the demand.One mistake we made when we started off was not saying NO. We took on contracts that didn’t really pay well but took a lot of time, just so we had clients. Figure out what you are worth and don’t go below that!!!!!!!

Remember….you have to fail before you can succeed!!!!!

first aid box

What are the most enjoyable and hardest aspects of your job?

I love meeting new people and that every day is different. Yes I teach similar courses and we have set syllabuses to stick to but I do try to bespoke each course for specific needs.I think learning first aid is vital and I love how impressed people are at their new found skills and actually how easy it was to learn!

Cash flow is always a big concern especially when you have a quiet month and making sure that our potential customers can find us on the internet. I manage our website and social media channels, it’s a full time job just in itself!!!!!!


Tell us about your courses. Mums are on a budget – what costs are involved?

The accredited workplace courses are mainly run within the clients business but we have just started running open courses in Derby at the Riverside Chambers (opposite the Assembly rooms) but our Parents First Aid courses can be run within your own home or at a toddler group.

The parents’ first aid courses were designed by Bonnie and I after her little girl choked when she was 4 months old. Luckily for Bon she knew what to do but after talking to her other mummy friends it was very apparent that not everyone was so fortunate.

The course is split up into 3 sessions so as your little one grows up and becomes more mobile (and therefore more susceptible to bigger injuries) you can become more prepared to deal with different injuries and conditions. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in but I would highly recommend it for the people within your life that look after you little one(s)!!!!! We understand that childcare is expensive so as long as you’re happy with it, little ones can join us to!!

Each session lasts for 2 hours and costs just £15 per person which includes a workbook and first aid manual. I don’t have a minimum or maximum number, it all depends on how big your lounge is!!!



Tell us what is involved in a ‘typical’ parents’ first aid class? Do people need to attend a course or can they just do one class?

Session 1 covers the most important aspects like dealing with unconscious casualties, CPR, Choking and Anaphylaxis (allergies). I always say that people should start with this session, even if they don’t want to complete the others.

Session 2 covers the types of things that may happen once your little one is more mobile ie: burns, head injuries, bleeding and fractures etc and Session 3 covers different medical conditions like croup, meningitis, epilepsy and Diabetes etc.

You don’t have to complete all 3 sessions and if you have something specific you want to learn about, I am more than happy to bespoke a course for you. I had a customer whose son had just recently been diagnosed with seizures so she wanted the whole family to learn what to do if he had a fit or stopped breathing. They were all very nervous to start off with but by the end of the session they were all a lot more confident. Even his older sisters had a go at CPR on the mannequins.


What makes you different from other first aid courses?

We offer a personal service! When you enquire about any of our courses you will speak to either Bonnie or I and where we can we deliver the courses as well. We take the time to find out about your specific needs and try to pitch the course exactly how you want it. We deliver in-house courses to a minimum of 3 people and can deliver the courses as flexibly as you need them to be ie: over a number of days / evenings or weekends!! I don’t know any other company that delivers parent’s first aid courses in your own home at times that suit you, your family and friends!!!


What would you say to someone who has shown an interest in learning more about first aid but is hesitant and maybe a little scared? Why is learning basic first aid so important?

Performing first aid on a casualty can be scary especially if they are really unwell or injured and even more so on someone you know and love……..imagine how scary it would be if you didn’t know what to do to help them!!!! I’d say start off with a taster session or something like a parent’s first aid session. Do it with friends or family at a venue you are comfortable with so you feel a bit more relaxed. Half the time people are actually more nervous about finding the venue and working with someone they don’t know.

First aid is really easy to learn and with a little knowledge you’ll be surprised at how confident you feel….plus on our courses you have tons of fun!!!!!!


Sum up your business / life in 5 words: Vital lifesaving skills you need


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