Derby Mums is a sucker for a new baby / baby announcement story, picture or post so is not ashamed to admit that there *may* have been a little moistness around the eyes when we viewed McBusted’s Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna’s fab and touching video announcement.

Apart from being slightly annoyed at how creative they are, (and how on earth they manage to find the time to come up with, film, edit and publish such a gorgeous and well crafted piece of filmery, with young Buzz running around their ankles), Derby Mums is really quite envious at the loveliness of this moment and how beautifully they have captured it.

They were pretty good with the news that little Buzz was arriving, too!

There are so many creative and gorgeous ways to tell everybody your amazing news –┬ánowadays it’s part of the fun of the build up, the excitement and incredible joy that you just want to yell to, at and near everyone you can find!


We feel a little lacking in imagination that all we came up with was:!!

If you’re lucky enough to be expecting a bundle, there are so many places to look for inspiration – Pinterest being one where you can easily lose many hours daydreaming about the beautifully-orchestrated and painstakingly-crafted announcement t your family and friends.

We’ve found a few of our favourites – sweet, funny, quirky, emotional..

Comment below and let us know your favourites and tell / show Derby Mums what you did to tell the world about your very precious little one’s imminent arrival.


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