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Who is Indigo and Violet?

My name is Jenny and I am the photographer (and Derby Mum!) behind Indigo and Violet Photography.

Indigo and Violet is not your ordinary photography studio. There are no walls to my studio, no hot lights, and no stiff posing. Instead my studio is anywhere and everywhere, and my speciality is capturing real family moments in the places most meaningful to you, and real moments that tell the story of your life as a family. I call my style ‘Storytelling Photography’.


With beautiful colour and light, my photographs immortalise wonderful days that you have spent together and they capture the extraordinary, in what you might think is just your perfectly ordinary day. Because, the thing is, with children – ‘there is no ‘ordinary’.

Every single day they grow, develop and change, and they stop doing the little things that we love about them, without us even noticing. I think it is so important that we capture these days, frame them, put them up with pride on our walls, on our fridge, and send them to family – as these are the precious moments that truly tell our family’s own personal story.

Remember how your son used to have that funny little smile, remember when he made you a cup of tea for the first time? Remember when your daughter used to twirl and twirl to the theme tune of her favourite show, remember how she used to stroke your hair as she fell asleep in your arms? Remember that day you all decided to visit your favourite park and you all laughed and laughed? Remember when only Daddy’s big cuddle would soothe that poorly knee? – THAT’S what I help you capture, because those are the moments that truly matter!


Why was Indigo and Violet Photography created?

I am mummy to two cheeky little boys who keep me on my toes with their wonderful inquisitive minds. My eldest is heading off to school this month and my youngest is approaching two! Indigo and Violet Photography was created out of my passion for documenting my children’s lives. I wanted my boys to have full photo albums to look back on and reflect on the rich memories of their lives growing up. I quickly realised that it would break my heart if one day I couldn’t recall the little things they once did anymore. I didn’t just want photos of the big parties, or the special trips out, or the birthdays, I also wanted the real moments, the normal days, the special moments that set my child apart from others. Indigo and Violet was born out of wanting to offer this same opportunity to other parents; the ability to document their family life with beautiful professional photographs filled with meaning and memories.

I have a degree in Psychology and Child Development, and for me storytelling family photography is very much an extension of people watching and the analysis of how individuals act. Observation and anticipation of children and their environment, capturing moments from a scene that move me, telling a story through pictures; it is no coincidence that studying psychology was also the time that photography first found me! Through Indigo and Violet, I get to glimpse a wonderful insight into amazing lives; I am honoured to create beautiful, tangible memories for the families I work with.

I help families see the love and the spark that is in their everyday, and I preserve their special occasions for years to come. It is a privilege to witness those magical moments between parents and their new baby, or the love between little siblings, or between grandparents and their grandchildren. I am always so excited to pick up my camera and head off to meet my next family!



Tell me about Indigo and Violet Storytelling Sessions

As well as my storytelling sessions I offer a number of different types of photography sessions, but whatever the session, the Indigo and Violet experience is always relaxed and fun! My aim is to put you and your children at ease, in order to create natural beautiful long-lasting memories of that moment in your life. No two sessions, even for the same family, would ever be the same!

Indigo and Violet storytelling sessions aren’t about creating ‘perfect’ posed stylised portraits of your child perched on a studio-owned rocking horse, but real true moments that take you right back to the colours, sounds and smells of that day whenever you open that photo album! During this type of session I could come to your house, or a place that is particularly meaningful to you, or we might decide that I should follow you doing your normal activities photographing your adventures together!

After you have made your booking with me you will receive a Welcome Pack to look over, which includes thoughts and ideas to inspire you and help determine what you want out of the shoot. You might decide that our time should be totally unstructured, or you might have an idea of the certain photographs you would like to achieve – maybe you have a wall you would specifically like stunning photographs for? Or you might decide to photograph a specific time of the day like say the children’s bed time, or we might dream up some adventures to be had like a messy-play morning, a baking session, or a trip to the park to fly kites and play in the leaves!

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I want to book a session with Indigo and Violet!

That’s wonderful! I can’t wait to talk to you, to learn more about you and your family, and to start planning your session with me! Oh, the fun we will have! Please visit my website or send an email to me. You can also ‘like’ my facebook page to receive updates on my latest work and other exciting things such as my Autumn and Christmas session activity plans!

Stay tuned for my special competition to win a FREE Mini Session – only for Derby Mums!


please contact us and find out more about Indigo and Violet:






My personal favourite photographs are the ones that let me relive a time in my life that made me happy, I’m sure they are yours too. The photographs that result from Indigo and Violet sessions are natural and real, and the most perfect memento of childhood.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Did you know that Indigo and Violet are part of the Derby Mums Membership Card offer scheme? If you have a Derby Mums Membership Card you will get an additional 8×6 print or digital image of your choice!

Just mention Derby Mums when you make your booking.

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