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Derby Mums meets…who??

Each month, Derby Mums will sit down and have a chat with exciting, local businesses or companies that you may not (and should!) know about. Our goal is to get word out and help promote and support these small businesses, many of which have been created and run by Derby mums.

There are so many women out and about in our local area that have taken the leap of faith and have started their own business, for a number of reasons; dissatisfaction with their old job, to fit around their children and family life, to find an outlet for their creativity, to provide a service or product that they are passionate about and know that would be valuable to others.

Starting your own business may seem like an ‘easy’ way to make money on your own terms, but many, many hours of blood, sweat, tears, heartache and love are embedded into a new venture before it even gets off the ground. Yes, you can dictate your own holidays, but there’s no-one else to delegate to if you’re unwell, overwhelmed or just plain exhausted! The money can be just what you need to provide for your loved ones, but there can be long periods where the business is not turning a profit at all, and then where does the money for your Asda shop come from?!

It’s exciting but scary stuff, but not impossible!

There are so many different aspects to being a working mum, and the sacrifices sometimes seem like they outweigh the positives, both personally and for the whole family. All of these women have built their companies from scratch and will share their journeys with us, the highs, lows and some fab advice for anyone considering starting their own business and going out on their own. If you are thinking about becoming self-employed, please feel free to contact Derby Mums, and we can put you in touch with some of our DMs Meets businesswomen, who will be more than happy to offer you some guidance and hints what has worked for them.

We hope you enjoy finding out about these local Derby Mums and their path through the business world, and are confident that you’ll be amazed at the talent and creativity sitting on our very own doorstep! We also hope that you find a product or service that they’re providing, to be useful for you or someone you know, and can help support them and help their business grow.


Many of our Derby Mums meets contributors are now also signed up to be Derby Mums Membership Card Partners, and there are even lots of fab competition prizes up for grab soon, too! Watch this space, and our facebook page to keep up to date with the amazing prizes we’re giving away!


We need YOU!

If you, or someone you know, is starting out with their own business, or has their own small, local company, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at to tell us about the business, what they do and a little of their story, and they could be featured in our next Derby Mums issue!

Cup of coffee and laptop

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