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A local support network for parents and parents-to-be.

The Derby and District Branch of the National Childbirth Trust has long been established in the local area. This charitable organisation which was founded in 1956 aims to support parents by giving accurate and impartial information about pregnancy, all the way into your child’s early years in order to assist parents with making informed decisions.

The trust runs a wide range of courses such as antenatal, postnatal, and parenting classes which are based on medical evidence and not opinions, so you can rest assured that the information you receive is backed by professional research.

Many parents-to-be rely solely on the NHS antenatal courses which are very informative; however this information is often condensed and provided to larger audiences making it more difficult for parents to ask specific questions and discuss within small groups their own questions and concerns.

The NCT antenatal course consists of 16.5 hours of teaching over 6 sessions where the average class size is 6-7 expecting parent/couples which are often the same people throughout the course. This provide an intimate setting where such queries can be discussed openly whilst digesting all the information you need to know about child birth and those first few days and weeks of parenting. Refresher antenatal classes are also available for those parents who are revisiting the joys and perils of pregnancy and child birth after blocking their first time experiences out of their mind!

A range post natal courses are also available for new mums to offer support and information for parents to make informed decisions within the early days and weeks after giving birth. In addition there are baby yoga and relax and stretch courses, the latter of which is designed to reintroduce exercise and fitness from 6 weeks after giving birth.

Often lasting friendships are found within all of the classes run by the NCT as most attendees give birth within the same month which provides an unexpected support network that is invaluable for first time mums.

In addition to courses, the NCT website has lots of great information for parents to get their teeth stuck into covering many different topics with information about everything childbirth to what to expect from all of the post natal check ups for mums and babies. They also run their ‘Nearly New’ sales frequently, keep an eye on What’s On to find the next one near you.


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